What do you desire?

As I was laying in bed last night, I was thinking of what I wanted to do on my day off today. Whatever your little heart desires, came to mind. This is something my mum used to say to us as kids, and it got me thinking, why don’t I say this to myself anymore?

When we’re kids, that’s really all we do- express exactly what we want. Of course we may be told no to requests like “I want ice cream for dinner!” but it didn’t stop us from expressing what we desired. Now that we’re older, it seems more often than not, we’re the ones telling ourselves no to the things we truly want. Whether that be due to lack of finances, perceived judgements from others, or simply being ‘too busy’ with life to explore our deepest wishes. All of these are fear-based thoughts. Instead of telling yourself it’s not possible, ask- how can I make it possible? Perhaps saving $10 a week allows you to take that trip you’ve been yearning for, or saying no to something that doesn’t serve you, allows you more time to explore an untapped passion.

So today, and every day, I invite you to ask yourself, what is it that your heart desires?




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