Imagine if we obsessed over the things we loved about ourselves.

I hope that title makes you think!

None of us are immune to that ‘inner mean girl’, but we can make our ‘inner cheerleader’ louder! We walk past a mirror and our mind instantly tells us “my thighs are too big”, “my teeth aren’t white enough”, or my personal favourite from Mean Girls- “my nail beds suck!”

Now imagine that instead of feeding these lies and allowing our thoughts to spiral, we immediately replaced these thoughts with what we LOVED about ourselves. We’re taught that thinking highly of ourselves is conceited or self-centered, so we walk around with low self-esteem, knocking ourselves down before anyone else has a chance to judge us. Just in case it wasn’t obvious, THIS DOESN’T WORK. Now, I’m not saying starting tomorrow you’re going to look in the mirror, immediately love everything about yourself and everything will be fine and dandy, (we’re human). I am saying that over time, the small tweaks we make can have a big impact on our self-esteem and ultimately our self-worth.

I challenge you to make a list of 5 things you love about yourself. These can be physical traits or personality traits.

I’ll go first!

1) I love my smile -thanks for the braces as a kid, Mom & Dad!

2) I love my big brown eyes

3) I love that throughout my two and half year struggle with my health I have stayed determined to get answers and be the healthiest I can be!

4) I love that I conquer my fears (hello blogging & becoming a yoga teacher)

5) I love that I am such a caring friend/sister/daughter, is that three?

If you find it impossible to think of 5 things (full disclosure, I almost reduced it to 3, eeek) because we automatically think of the negative- ask a friend or family member what they love about you. I bet you’re pretty awesome!

With love,



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