Stop Playing Small

What is it that you really want? Not what your parents want, or you think society wants for you, what do YOU want?

You may not even know, because you spend so much time worrying about what other people want. Or maybe you’re in a time of transition, you know what you DON’T want, yet aren’t sure what you do want. That’s okay, because awareness is the first step of change!

One of my amazing friends, who I refer to as my life coach because I don’t know where I would be without her 🙂 , is leaving this month on the adventure of a lifetime. She’s traveling Central America for at least 6 months, checking so many things off her bucket list! If you want to follow her journey across Central America (and feel inspired & encouraged) check out her blog here. I am so excited for her, this is something she has wanted to do for years, but like the rest of us, has struggled to commit to her dream because she was afraid of the impact on others.

Life coach Martha Beck says that we each have our “everyone”. This is a group of no more than five or six people that we hold the opinion of and generalize as everyone. For example- “everyone thinks I should stay at my job”, or “no one supports what I want”. These generalizations keep you feeling stuck and powerless. We feel as though we need permission and everyone to support us before we make the change that we want. The truth is that conditions will never be perfect, you need to leap anyway. If you find you really need support, find it! Figure out who your “everybody” is, and look outside those people, I guarantee you will find at least one person who supports you.

We also “mind read” and assume that our ‘everybody’ isn’t supporting us. We’re afraid they won’t, so we don’t even bother discussing our dreams. I did this for a long time and used it as an excuse to not move forward. Give people more credit! The more I started speaking about what I wanted, the more support I got and the more I would hear about people being inspired to go after what they want.

We play small too much, nothing fun happens in your comfort zone. The world needs what you have to offer, plus as I just mentioned, when we stop playing small, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. Stop waiting for all the stars to align, for everyone to support you. Everyone has their own fears that hold them back, and we’re pretty darn good at pushing those fears on other people and calling it love (it’s not). If you’re waiting for things to be perfect, you’ll always be waiting. Do it now. If you still need permission, this is it! No one benefits when you play small and hide your gifts.

The last 6 months have been a game changer for me, prior to that I had been keeping myself stuck in fear, avoiding creating my own yoga business because I was afraid it would ‘fail’ or I wouldn’t know what I was doing. Fortunately, I’m happy to say I’m leaving that behind! I ordered business cards and launched my yoga business and have a class for dental professionals, which I will post about next! I am so excited to see where it takes me and how it evolves when I graduate as a holistic nutritionist.

I’ve challenged myself to stop playing small, you in?




2 thoughts on “Stop Playing Small

  1. Jasmin says:

    Wow Heather! I stumbled upon your blog today. Your words are very inspiring! I will definitely keep reading!

    Your old grade school friend Jasmin ❤


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